Rocketing toward 2008

We’re less than two weeks away from the end of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited.  As incredible as 2007 was, 2008 promises to be even bigger.  I can’t wait.

In the past year, three new short stories have hit the public.   “Insomnia Is My Only Friend” landed in the first issue of Horror Literature Quarterly back in April.  Two months later, “Johnny Hall’s Amazing Vanishing Act” appeared both in prose and as an audio recording at The Late Late Show.  Wait another two months, and August saw the publication of a new Rundberg story, “Of Cabbages and Kings,” in The Dead Walk Again!

Not a bad track record, if I do say so myself (and this is my homepage, so I do get to say so myself).

Depending on publishing schedules, I should have at least four stories published in 2008.  That will tie my most productive year (2005), but I really think I’ll be able to top that because I’m writing better than I ever have.  We’ll see how it goes.

In the past year, I finished two novels and wrote the first draft of a third.  I’ve never felt so productive, and it’s my sincere hope that I’ll be able to show you at least one of these books soon.  Keep your fingers crossed, and I’ll do the same.

In the coming year, I have quite a few projects to fill my time.  One of them, a secret project with some other writers, should be ready for World Horror in March.

Finally, I bought a house with Shawna this year, making me both a homeowner and an official homebody.  Couldn’t be happier.

I’ll see you guys in 2008.  Have a good December.