Preparing for Battle

I tried.  I mean, I really tried.  Thing is, after a week of not writing on this bastard I started to get antsy.  When I realized 2008 was still half a week away, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore.

So here I am.  Welcome back.

I wish I could tell you December has been a mad rush of book contracts and publications, but I just can’t.  I’ve had some really hopeful signs, and a new retailer has picked up all the Frequency Press books (look for them on Horror-Mall real soon!), but that ever-elusive deal remains just out of reach.

Unless you count that one thing, but I’m afraid to talk about that until something is signed.  Maybe before my birthday.

So this leaves me preparing for battle in 2008.  I remember a few years back when Warren Ellis proclaimed the next year The Year of the Shithammer.  While I don’t really plan on having that kind of year, I want 2008 to be a big step forward for me.  And I think it will be.  Things are looming on the horizon, and I think they’re going to get better as the year rolls out.

Of course, there are speedbumps along the way.

For instance, I just found out last night that two members of my super-close writer support group aren’t going to make World Horror in March.  This means I have to work harder to put myself out there.  I can’t follow these folks around and act like I know what I’m doing.  Instead, I have to dive in head-first and prove I know what I’m doing.  Dammit, that’s hard for a shy-as-all-hell guy like yours truly.

So, battle. 

2008 should prove very interesting.  If not, I’ll just cut and paste this entry next December.