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The Idea Stampede

Well, it’s a new week, and I’m still forced to hold off on telling you any good news.  Everything is too shaky right now.  With any luck, the coming weeks will hold good news like a strip club patron clutches … Continue reading

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On Fear

I love scary movies.  Just this weekend I saw both Cloverfield and There Will Be Blood, two movies that couldn’t be more different, yet both are terrifying.  Whether it’s a giant monster or the effects of greed on humanity, there’s … Continue reading

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What a week

On Wednesday, I received an email that gave me some real reasons to celebrate.  Seriously, this was the most exciting bit of correspondence I’ve ever received.  No, I can’t tell you about it.  Instead, I can tell you this… During … Continue reading

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A Big Sale!

I found out yesterday that my short story “The Message” will appear in a future issue of Cemetery Dance.  This is a huge deal for me.  Cemetery Dance is one of those Holy Grail career goals I’ve set for myself.  … Continue reading

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Muy Mal returns

I’ve written about Muy Mal in the past (check out the original review here). For a quick rundown, I’ll tell you that Muy Mal is the brainchild of the incredibly talented writers Mike Oliveri, Weston Ochse, and John Urbancik.  It’s … Continue reading

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Guilt makes you do stupid things

Here’s a story to entertain you. October 3, 2007. That was the last time I ate fast food and the last time I drank a carbonated beverage. The culprits that day were a Wendy’s spicy chicken and a large coke, … Continue reading

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So this is 2008

Weird.  It feels a lot like 2007, only the air is dryer.  Stupid January.  Cold as hell, dry as sandpaper month that doesn’t even hold the charm of my birthday at the end of it. I think this year saw … Continue reading

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