Muy Mal returns

I’ve written about Muy Mal in the past (check out the original review here).

For a quick rundown, I’ll tell you that Muy Mal is the brainchild of the incredibly talented writers Mike Oliveri, Weston Ochse, and John Urbancik.  It’s a site full of free fiction revolving around a world much like ours, but one where magic never completely died.  There’s everything from horror and fantasy to gritty criminal dramas and Republic Serial-style adventure… and it’s all free.

Well, in the after math of their end of the world crossover Cataclysm, the boys are back to close out the world of Muy Mal for good.  They even updated the site’s look (and it’s a beautiful site, probably should have looked like this from the start). 

Go read.  Get caught up and learn the whole story.  There’s some incredible stuff there.

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