What a week

On Wednesday, I received an email that gave me some real reasons to celebrate.  Seriously, this was the most exciting bit of correspondence I’ve ever received.  No, I can’t tell you about it.  Instead, I can tell you this…

During this week when I should have been ecstatic, I was instead drowning in a little financial crisis.  See, on Tuesday, the comany that handles my webhosting charged me roughly 23X the usual amount, leaving me with an available bank balance of about -$20. 

I used a cash advance to put me back in the black.  I figured it would only be a day or so, since my webhosting account shows that they’ve already refunded the erroneous amount.  Right?


See, it took 3-5 business days for the charge to go through.  Now, I have to wait another 3-5 business days for the refund to arrive.  Man, fuck that.  Fuck all kinds of that.  Fuck, fuckity-fuck, Fucky McFuckerstein, fuck.

And damn.

So I’ll be home editing and hoping I don’t need food this weekend.  How about you?