Falling down the hole again

I skipped most of Lost’s third season.  After facing the unbearable bore that was their six-episode mini-season, I just couldn’t stand to subject myself to any more.  What had once been enthralling television was reduced to a plodding, lackluster mess in just six short hours.

Then I saw the season three finale.  I don’t know what possessed me to watch it last May, but I did.  I was astounded at how easily I was able to understand everything (which just tells me how little actually happened in the third season).  I was also amazed at how quickly I was sucked in by two hours of television that didn’t, well, suck.

So I have last night’s season four premier on my DVR at home, and I’ll be watching it tonight.  Time to fall down the hole again.  Let’s hope I don’t crash like last year.

One thought on “Falling down the hole again

  1. Last year was boring as hell. Until they brought Vaughn aboard, I was ready to write off the show. Now things are getting a little exciting again.

    The premier this season wasn’t bad. All teasers and hints, no real info, but it was interesting.

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