Joining The World Again

The last ten days could best be described as “A Clusterfuck of Epic Size.” Between the countless hours of sitting around waiting, visiting family, pouring over manuscript pages, checking emails, leaving work, trying to fit more work in because I only have so much vacation time saved up, trying to figure out why my paycheck was so small, waiting to hear from important people wearing long coats, and stress-eating, I’m fairly certain I’ve lost five years off my life.

That said, it’s starting to look like things are turning a positive corner.  The main clusterfuck-generator is working itself out nicely.  It’s not 100% better, but it’s getting there.  Those manuscript pages are waiting on my desk for me to enter them into the computer.  I’m back off the fast food after a five day binge.

And while I can’t announce a book yet, I am at the point where I can say I’ll announce something as soon as the contracts are signed.

It’s good to be back in the world again.