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World Horror Schedule Change

Two quick changes to note, for those of you who haven’t left for Salt Lake already…. The New Writer’s Market panel has been moved forward an hour to two o’clock Saturday. Because of the above change, my reading has been … Continue reading

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The Semi-Cryptic World Horror Post

Notes and bulletins about this coming weekend’s World Horror Con.  Offered without clarification. I’m really looking forward to those two panels. Yes, I’ll be ignoring you. Because I don’t like you. Why am I on that one panel? Okay, that … Continue reading

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I always wanted to play SXSW

This past weekend was South by Southwest, Austin’s four day music festival.  Every year, thousands of bands descend on Austin to play as many shows as they can in a short span of time.  In addition to the usual music … Continue reading

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World Horror Panel Times

Barring any last minute fiddling with the schedule, here are my current panel times for the World Horror Convention… THURSDAY, MARCH 27 3:00-3:50PM What makes a good horror movie? (Michael McCarty, Paul Anderson, Eric Swedin) 10:00-10:50PM Urban legends as fodder … Continue reading

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Top Chef Returns, Pray for My Family

Top Chef, that reality competition of bad-ass chefs, returns tonight.  I can’t wait.  The show is one of my greatest guilty pleasures, and I can already see myself staying up later than usual (I’m lame and hit the sack early) … Continue reading

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The Burden of Patience

Let me start by apologizing for the recent lack of any real news (this sentence reminds me that I should also apologive for my many attacks on proper grammar).  Trust me, I’d love to tell you about all the incredibly … Continue reading

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Gary Gygax

Today is the Texas Primary and Caucus. I’m told it’s important, but in all honesty it means less than a shit to me. Why? Well, for one I hate politicians. Two, Gary Gygax died today. If you read the blog … Continue reading

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STAPLE! recovery

Hope you guys weren’t expecting a huge recap.  I can probably give you one, but it’s gonna take a few days/weeks/months/years.  After a week of preparing for STAPLE! and a day recovering from it, I really need to get back … Continue reading

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