STAPLE! recovery

Hope you guys weren’t expecting a huge recap.  I can probably give you one, but it’s gonna take a few days/weeks/months/years.  After a week of preparing for STAPLE! and a day recovering from it, I really need to get back to writing.

In a word, my fourth STAPLE! was incredible.  I made more than a few sales, gained a new fan or two, and was told by one con-goer that Drive was his favorite book from last year.  Other than the security guard who thought security meant standing directly in front of my goddamn table, the day was great.

The pre- and post-parties were incredible once again.  The Red Scoot Inn is a great place for a live art show, and I even managed to afford some art this year.  Of course, that means I finished the weekend with the same amount of money I had when I started, but that’s more than I can say about most cons!

And once again it was great hanging out with friends I see occasionally at best.  Rafael, Danielle, Kristian, Brian, Marianne… we’ll have to do it again sometime!

If you sent me a post-STAPLE! email, I’ll be returning them in the next day or two.  Until then, thank you and good day.