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Bits of the Dead pre-order!

Bits of the Dead, the zombie anthology I’ll be appearing in, is now available for pre-order.  With stories by Lee Thomas, Michael Laimo, and Jeff Strand, this is a good’un. My contribution, “Another Lonesome Day,” is a slightly more personal … Continue reading

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Bits of the Dead

One week later, I have another anthology announcement.  My short story “Another Lonesome Day” will be appearing in Bits of the Dead, an anthology of zombie flash fiction.  I’m quite proud of this one.  “Lonesome Day” is one of the … Continue reading

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I’m a Mountain State Legend

Well, not really. But I am pleased to announce my short story “For Just One Night” will be appearing in the anthology Legends of the Mountain State 2, which will be available this fall.  I’ll be sure to remind you … Continue reading

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Free Norm Partridge Fiction

The first part of Road Dogs, a new novella by the incredible Norm Partridge, is now available for free online.  I understand Part Two will follow soon.  Go check out some great fiction.

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Somebody much smarter than me (or not as smart, but better at coming up with catchy little phrases) once said that life is a constant process of redefining your goals.  Or something.  I’m paraphrasing.  Wouldn’t you like to be a … Continue reading

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Looking Back… To the Last Man

Way back in the summer of 2004, I had an idea for a graphic novel about a man cutting a swath of vengeance across Texas. I called it To the Last Man, and I wrote the first half of it … Continue reading

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The Marketing Problem

I find myself thinking about marketing a lot lately.  Yes, there’s a reason for it.  No, I’m not allowed to tell you the reason. Yes, that annoys me, too.  End of the day, however, I’m still thinking about marketing. I’m sure … Continue reading

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