Looking to the future

I’m always trying to keep my eye on what’s coming down the road.  As I’m working on one project, I’m constantly thinking about the next one.  I’ll outline, sketch out sentences and dialogue, whatever pops into my head.

Well, over the next month or two I’m going to be busy with rewriting of a novel.  My goal is to quicken the narrative and make it exciting enough to carry through from beginning to end without slowing (it currently bogs in the middle, according to my pre-readers, and I agree).

Once that’s done, however, I find myself in an interesting position.  Currently, I have solid ideas for five seperate novels.  There’s a ghost story, two straight-up crime novels, a crime novel with some supernatural elements, and a post-apocalyptic novel with a more literary bent.  I know I still have all kinds of time, but I have no idea how I’m going to choose between these suckers. Hell, the list above doesn’t even include two ideas I’ve been sitting on for a couple of years!

So what’s a young writer without deadlines to do?  Well, he’s probably going to do something a little wacky.  See, once I get cranking on a project, I can knock out about ten pages a day.  With the length of my average novel, that means I can complete a first draft in around six weeks.  Throw in time for rewrites that might pop up and short stories that happen along the way, and I should have two first drafts done by year’s end.

That puts a smile on my face.  These past two months haven’t been easy–lot of stuff weighing me down–but the future’s good as gold.