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JUST LIKE HELL purchasing information

(I never get tired of looking at that cover) So here are some great places to buy Just Like Hell… First you can buy it direct from the publisher… Or you can pick it up at Horror Mall. Also, if … Continue reading

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Announcement: JUST LIKE HELL

(Secret’s out, so I’m announcing a day early) JUST LIKE HELL A Novella by Nate Southard Introduction by Norman Partridge Cover by Alex McVey Published by Thunderstorm Books Dillon has the world on a string.  With a record-breaking football season … Continue reading

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Announcement this Thursday

Yes, this is an announcement about an announcement. This Thursday, July 31st, I will be officially announcing my next book.  Come right here to learn all about it. That is all. [ herbal alternative viagra | free trial viagra | … Continue reading

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Bits of the Dead available now!

Bits of the Dead is now available at the following on-line retailers: Paperback: Horror-Mall Barnes and Noble This one sports some damn fine writers. I’m especially proud of my contribution, “Another Lonesome Day.” Go get yourself a … Continue reading

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Contact notes… AND MORE!

I realize now that the facebook link doesn’t really lead anywhere.  That is because facebook is retarded.  I may delete my profile over there, because so far I haven’t found a single use for the damn thing. In other news, … Continue reading

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More places to follow me!

You’re thrilled.  I can tell. [ viagra directions | chip cialis | non prescription viagra | viagra in canada pfizer | online cheap viagra | can viagra be used by women | history of viagra | viagra available … Continue reading

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Children from hell knocking on my door

True Story… Monday night, Shawna and I are watching TV when the doorbell rings.  The dogs, as they usually do in these situations, go apeshit.  Barking, howling, and the sounds of claws over tile fill the house. The doorbell rings again. The … Continue reading

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It never ends

Saturday morning, I finished the latest novel (at least I think it’s finished, time will tell).  I sent it off to the pre-readers (which reminds me – Doug, the job is yours if you want it), and now I wait … Continue reading

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Become a writer! Never sleep again!

It’s edging toward eleven, which means I should be asleep by now (author’s note: I’m lame). Instead, I just spent the last forty minutes staring at the ceiling and driving myself crazy with career questions. What kind of questions, you … Continue reading

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Not the length, but how you use it

First thing, minds out of gutters.  There’s nothing sexual going on here. Only a few of you left?  Oh, well. The other day I was browsing various spots online and saw somebody asking about the best way to add 10,000 … Continue reading

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