It never ends

Saturday morning, I finished the latest novel (at least I think it’s finished, time will tell).  I sent it off to the pre-readers (which reminds me – Doug, the job is yours if you want it), and now I wait for their notes to come tumbling in.

In the meantime, I start the next novel today.  I wrote the first few hundred words yesterday, priming the brain, and tonight I’ll crank out about 2000 words.

It never ends.  You move from one thing to the next, and you only get a second to breathe.  I want my career to keep growing, so I move like I’m running over rooftops.  If I slow down, I’ll never make the next jump.

The next jump should be announced in another week or two. 

In other news, I want more tattoos.  That means I need money.  Damn.