Announcement: JUST LIKE HELL

(Secret’s out, so I’m announcing a day early)

A Novella by Nate Southard

Introduction by Norman Partridge
Cover by Alex McVey

Published by Thunderstorm Books

Dillon has the world on a string.  With a record-breaking football season and several scholarship offers in his pocket, he can write his own future.But Dillon has a secret, something he’s never told the rest of his team.  Even his best friends don’t know.  They might not understand.  They might overreact. 

Now the secret is out.  Maybe that’s why Dillon just woke up in the trunk of a car.

And maybe that’s why Dillon is about to go through something Just Like Hell.

Perfectbound trade paperback

This will be popping up at some of the online genre stores and at the Thunderstorm website over the next day or two.  If you can’t wait (and I know you can’t), you can order direct from Thunderstorm by sending $10.95 to via paypal.  Be sure to include your name and address.

On a personal note, I just want to say that this was not an easy book to write.  It’s brutal and thought-provoking, but it was a story I wanted to write and needed to write.  My most sincere thanks to Paul at Thunderstorm for taking a chance on me, to Norm and Alex for their incredible contributions, and to every last one of you who buys a copy.  Thank you.