One foot to the other

Last night was one of my favorite kind of nights.  I got to type THE END on the first draft of a novel.  That leaves me with five novels written in the past three years.  Now I just need to sell them (or, just perhaps, I’m waiting to announce the sale of one or more).

I’m still a little too close to this latest one to be completey objective, but right now I’m terribly proud of it.  It doesn’t feel like anything else I’ve written.  It feels like what comes next, and that excites me.

Today, because there is no time for rest, I have to jump back on the first draft of a new novel that I’m already 30k words into.  The completed draft will be finished by the end of September, and then it’s time to write the final draft of a previous novel.

One foot to the other, one foot to the other.  This dance don’t ever end.

If that makes me a bad guy…

Brian Keene has posted a great essay concerning Bad Moon Books, a genre store and small press publisher of horror and such. Go and read it. Follow the links Brian posted and read those. It’s real eye opening stuff.

I just want to say I agree with Brian one hundred percent.

See, Bad Moon was a good little publisher whose books I enjoyed, but then I found out Roy Robbins was a homophobic fuckhead. Now I won’t buy his books. I recently turned down a request from a good writer to blurb a book because Roy is publishing it. Friends of mine have been published by Roy, and I won’t buy their books.

I specifically asked Thunderstorm not to sell Just Like Hell through Bad Moon. I didn’t know if they planned to pursue that particular channel or not, but I didn’t want to run the risk.

Maybe that means I’m not too good at playing nice. Plenty of writers most consider respectable are selling books to Roy. Who am I to make waves?

Maybe it means I’m not the most business savvy of writers. After all, I’m shunning one of the more stable small press outfits. Shouldn’t I try not to burn any bridges?

Or maybe it means I have just enough common sense and simple human decency to stand by what I believe in.

If that makes me a bad guy… Well, I never said I was a Saint.

The joys of picking through garbage

Bulk pick up began yesterday, and now our neighborhood is filled with gigantic things nobody wants anymore (and boxes of small things because people are idiots who can’t read the bulk pick up directions).  This also means out neighborhood is now being attacked by scavengers.

Sunday night, I saw no less than three trucks with trailers cruise through the streets, their drivers stopping to grab everything that might be worth three cents or more.  One trailer had three mattresses strapped to each side.  I even watched them pull over and inspect some more mattresses before pulling off without them, as if to say, “No honey, this garbage is not up to our high garbage-picking standards.”

Sunday night, Shawna and I left a rusted-out grill, broken arts and craftsy windmill, an office chair that looks like it’s been mauled by a bear, and two old toilets on our curb.  Two days later, only the toilets remain.  Scavengers have taken everything else.  They’ve even taken the toilet seats and tank lids. 

I mean, I know times are getting tough and our economy is falling apart… but toilet tank lids?  This is what you’re scavenging?

Sometimes I just don’t know.

That’s what I like to see!

Well, it’s Friday morning, and it looks like I got my wish for the week…


1. JUST LIKE HELL by Nate Southard
2. DIFFERENT SEASONS by Trever Palmer (Limited Edition)
3. BITS OF THE DEAD edited by Keith Gouveia
4. DEAD AND GONE by Harry Shannon
5. JOHN DIES AT THE END by David Wong
6. TERMINAL: The Play by Brian Keene & Roy C. Booth
7. BLOOD OF THE DEAD by A.P. Fuchs
8. GHOST WALK by Brian Keene (Mass Market Paperback)
9. GYPSY BLOOD by Steve Vernon (Limited Ediiton)

Thanks so much, everybody!  The publisher tells me they have less than 100 copies left.  I’d snatch this one up fast if I were you!

Last Night: A Comedic Tragedy

My attempts at sleeping last night could best be described as farcical.  Unless, of course, I’m not using that word correctly.  If that’s the case, please insert the correct adjective.

It went something like this…

9:20PM: Put Simon in computer room for the night.  This is so I can sleep uninterrupted.

9:20-10:15: Read

10:15: Turn out light, go to bed.

10:30: Wake up, let Boris outside.

10:35: Back in bed.

11:15: Boris lays on my feet.  I kick him off.

12:03AM: Left shoulder sore, roll over.

12:30: Right shoulder sore, roll onto back.

12:32: Snoring.  Shawna punches my arm and tells me to, “Fucking stop it.”

12:35: I hold my breath until I pass out.

3:19: Greta climbs onto bed and paws my chest.  I get up to let her out.

3:21: Greta starts peeing.

3:27: Still peeing.

3:30: I open the back door and call for Greta.  A dozen neighboring dogs go apeshit.

3:32: Now I have to pee.

3:34: Back to bed.

4:00: Left shoulder.

4:15: Right shoulder.

4:30: Cry.

4:40: Back to sleep.

5:15: Sadie sits on my throat, says she wants to be fed.  Shawna tells me to ignore her.

5:17: Sadie insists.

5:18: Sadie goes in room with Simon.  Back to sleep.

5:45: Alarm goes off.

5:46: Cry.

And that’s how my night went!

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