If that makes me a bad guy…

Brian Keene has posted a great essay concerning Bad Moon Books, a genre store and small press publisher of horror and such. Go and read it. Follow the links Brian posted and read those. It’s real eye opening stuff.

I just want to say I agree with Brian one hundred percent.

See, Bad Moon was a good little publisher whose books I enjoyed, but then I found out Roy Robbins was a homophobic fuckhead. Now I won’t buy his books. I recently turned down a request from a good writer to blurb a book because Roy is publishing it. Friends of mine have been published by Roy, and I won’t buy their books.

I specifically asked Thunderstorm not to sell Just Like Hell through Bad Moon. I didn’t know if they planned to pursue that particular channel or not, but I didn’t want to run the risk.

Maybe that means I’m not too good at playing nice. Plenty of writers most consider respectable are selling books to Roy. Who am I to make waves?

Maybe it means I’m not the most business savvy of writers. After all, I’m shunning one of the more stable small press outfits. Shouldn’t I try not to burn any bridges?

Or maybe it means I have just enough common sense and simple human decency to stand by what I believe in.

If that makes me a bad guy… Well, I never said I was a Saint.

3 thoughts on “If that makes me a bad guy…

  1. Yours and Brian’s eye opening comments make one wonder whether or not others take a moment to think before they speak or write. Suppose not in thsi case. What I learned while pursuing my psychology degree is we say what we really believe to be true in the heat in of the moment.
    I have to agree with both of you. My long standing purchasing relationship with Bad Moon Books will apparently be ending. That in itself is sad, but I do what I believe is the right thing to do.

  2. I totally agree with you one hundred percent. I had thought about trying to sell a novella I’m writing to Bad Moon, but once I read Brian Keene’s post about it, I decided to try to find another venue. Good for you for sticking to your morals. It’s good to see some people still have the guts to follow through with their convictions.

    Hoping to pick up a copy of Just Like Hell soon. I’m just waiting for a transfer from my bank account to paypal, then I totally intend to order one. Looking forward to reading it.

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