One foot to the other

Last night was one of my favorite kind of nights.  I got to type THE END on the first draft of a novel.  That leaves me with five novels written in the past three years.  Now I just need to sell them (or, just perhaps, I’m waiting to announce the sale of one or more).

I’m still a little too close to this latest one to be completey objective, but right now I’m terribly proud of it.  It doesn’t feel like anything else I’ve written.  It feels like what comes next, and that excites me.

Today, because there is no time for rest, I have to jump back on the first draft of a new novel that I’m already 30k words into.  The completed draft will be finished by the end of September, and then it’s time to write the final draft of a previous novel.

One foot to the other, one foot to the other.  This dance don’t ever end.