Fantastic Fest Wrap Up

It’s taken me a bit of time to get to this.  To tell the truth, my feelings on the subject are a little mixed.  By the time Fantastic Fest rolled around on September 18th, I was super excited.  I had plans to catch 25-30 of the films on the scedule.

Around 10AM on the 18th, everything went to hell.  Right around that time, a family emergency/tragedy (that did not involve my brother contracting rabies) began.  Said event didn’t come to a close until a week later, on the next-to-last day of the festival. 

Long story short, the 30 movies I wanted to see ended up being four.  That means the $120 badge I paid for translated to $30 per movie.  Some things you just can’t avoid, though.

I will say I had a great time during my short stint at Fantastic Fest.  I saw some great movies (Rule of Three, The Wreck, and Donkey Punch) and only one stinker (Ex-Drummer).  I got to stand in line with other movie geeks (and Bill Pullman), ate some incredible food, and drank the best chocolate malt I’ve ever had.  I’ve already bought my tickets for next year, and I hope like hell nothing gets in the way of my attendance in 2009.

I highly recommend Fantastic Fest to any lover of horror, sci-fi, crime, or just plain weird movies.  I’m sure it’ll be even better when I can take an entire week for it.