October, Weekend One

Here we are, ladies and gents.  October has rolled around once again.  This favorite month of mine will be with us for 25 more days, and I plan to enjoy each and every last one of them.  A special writing project I’ve decided to tackle will take up most of my time, but it’s all in the spirit of Halloween.

As usual, I spend much of my October weekends watching horor movies.  I can’t dedicate as much time to flick-watching this year because of the above writing project, but I did manage to squeeze in a pair of great movies this weekend.

THE FLY (1986, Cronenberg version)
I spent a year of my life watching this and Aliens on VHS.  That was twenty years ago though, and I hadn’t seen the movie since.  I am happy to say this love story/thriller/gross out masterpiece still holds up.  I really do need to go back and watch all the Cronenberg movies.

What can I say?  This one’s a classic.  It not only changed horror movies, but it inspired an entire generation of creators.  If you haven’t seen this one, you’re missing out on a cinematic cornerstone.

The rest of October will bring more horror movies, as well as my short story recommendations.  Let’s have some fun!


2 thoughts on “October, Weekend One

  1. Two great movies, but I haven’t seen either of them in a very long time. I think it’s time to go revisit those classics, as well a few others I’ve neglected over the years. Thanks for bringing those up…

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