October, Weekend Two

I meant to put up the halloween decorations this weekend, but the same form of laziness that kept me from answering the phone or bathing also kept me from going outside except for a movie and a trip to the comics shop.  Well, and a free meal, but that was a free meal and involved the words “pulled pork.”  It was worth it.

But fear not, true believers.  My modest Halloween decrations will be on display within the next day or so.  I also plan to buy some more this weekend, provided I don’t spend too much money at House of Torment.

In the meantime, here are the flicks I saw this past weekend…

A television crew shadowing a pair of fire fighters finds themselves documenting an outbreak of a mutated rabies strain in an apartment building.  This highly-enjoyable remake of [REC] has a lot going for it.  Nice acting throughout, and some great effects.  I caught a matinee, and I was still scared out of my gourd by the final reel.  I will say, however, that the advertising for this movie gives away far too much, including the last ten seconds.

This no-budget indie from a couple years back offers some great laughs along with a chill or two.  A loser finds an inventation to a murder party and decides he has nothing better to do.  He encounters a group of pathetic “artists” planning to use him as their latest “piece” in order to receive grant money.  I think I might like any movie that contains the dialogue, “Fuck this scene.  Everyone dies.”

NEAR DARK (1987)
Folks have been recommending this flick to me for years.  I’ve heard words like “great” and “classic” used time and time again.  Well, I finally watched it, and I can’t say I see what all the fuss is about.  Featuring horrific performances and plodding pacing, I was actually up and cleaning the house through the last five minutes (otherwise known as “when the slightest fucking thing happens”).  I’m pretty sure the first hour of the movie is all about Adrian Pasdar walking around while holding his stomach and grimacing in pain.  Pass!

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  1. I agree with you on Quarantine. I saw that movie a few nights ago and really liked it, even though I thought that type of camera work should have stopped with The Blair Witch Project. I liked the acting, and I did find to be a scary movie, which is something you don’t see often these days. So sad.

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