October, Weekend Four

Rolling through the month, and it just keeps getting better.  This weekend we held our annual Halloween Horror Movie Night, and much fun was had.  This year, I got to see a pair of classics I’d never watched for whatever reason.  I also watched an Asian classic and an overhyped bit of dreck.

I don’t get it.  I’m sorry, but I really don’t.  The first one was okay, despite Cary Elwes forgetting how to act.  Its sequel, which I’ve heard is the best of the series, is awful.  For one thing, at no time does it make any attempt at being scary.  It’s not an action movie, either.  Not really a mystery.  I don’t get the fucking point.  This is just a bad movie from the word “Go.”

The first un-watched classic.  A monument of eighties excess and cheese.  This one knows it’s a cheesy horror movie, and it embraces its destiny from the opening frame.  I finally got to see “that scene,” and it was just as cringe-and-laughter inducing as I imagined.

The other un-watched classic.  I’m a little more torn on this one.  It was fun, sure, but Phantasm lacks anything even resembling a plot.  From the first scene and on, it’s nothing but a collection of frightening images.  Of course, I know if I’d seen this as a kid it would have scared the pants off me, so I guess there’s always that.

Before The Ring came to American shores, there was Ringu.  It amazes me that a movie stripped of all the excess crap lumped on it by American producers (and I say this as somebody who loved the US version), can still be so much richer and complex.  The simple scene of the ex-husband sitting alone on a bench as Sadako walks up to him is terrifying.  He does nothing but look at her feet, but the fear and terror is so full on his face.  Powerful stuff.

Later this week, I’ll bring you this year’s story and comics suggestions.  Until then, enjoy your October.