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JUST LIKE HELL makes the Top Ten!

Brian Keene has posted his annual top ten list.  I am both honored and amazed to see Just Like Hell sitting at the number one spot!  Some incredible authors make up that list, and it amazes me to come out in … Continue reading

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I made a difference (sorta)!

A cover story on Up From the Underground.  I feel like I’ve finally made it.

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Let the Right One In, a review

Wow. If another word does a better job of describing this movie, I can’t think of it.  Since seeing this Swedish flick last night, I’ve read some more of the Slash autobiography, had a good night’s sleep, walked the dogs, … Continue reading

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When people listened to albums

Over at, they’re discussing the lost art of closing albums.  Good reading.  Their discussion of how the iTunes culture and singles-centric music business is destroying the fine art of creating a great album stirred a more than a few … Continue reading

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Say it ain’t so!

I’m a few days late on this, but I’m usually behind on such things.  Friday, it was announced that Stephen Spielberg and Will Smith plan to remake Oldboy.  Other than being one of my favorite flicks, Oldboy is also one of … Continue reading

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Horror World has a great review of Just Like Hell posted.  I’m pleased as punch to see another positive review come our way.  Thanks a lot, guys! Go read the review.

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Catching up with Cronenberg

I’m not too proud to admit that I’m far from a genre authority. Five years ago I was a just beginning to discover a world of horror after a decade spent reading comics and watching Comedy Central.  I hadn’t heard … Continue reading

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So you want to start a horror magazine…

Ugh.  This irks me more and more every goddamn time I see it.  Every few months or so, somebody decides they’re going to start a magazine featuring horror fiction.  Once in a great while, somebody gets it right.  They offer … Continue reading

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That was cool, but why do I feel so bitter?

Looks like eight years of Republican rule/fuckery is over.  Out country finally has a president who is not a rich white male.  That’s great news.  I doubted we’d ever see such progress in my lifetime.  Of course, that’s because I … Continue reading

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Congrats, Pic!

Tom Piccirilli’s novel The Cold Spot was named one of the Top Ten Thrillers of 2008 by  Piccirilli is one of the best writers working today, and The Cold Spot is no exception.  You owe it to yourself to … Continue reading

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