And exhale…

Whew!  I’m not gonna lie to you.  This October was a tough time.  Trying to meet a pressing deadline, enjoy the holiday, and get my head out of my ass while at the same time trying to recover from a terrible September isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  I should probably curl into a ball and sleep for a month or so.

Instead, here’s what I have coming up…

– Three short stories in various states of completion that need finishing.

– A slew of short stories that still need to find a home.

– A collaboration with a ridiculously talented writer.  Really need to keep on my toes for that one.

– One novel ready for its final draft.

– Another novel ready for its second draft.

So yeah, the rest of the year is looking busy.  On the plus side, I have fun things to announce in the coming months.  Trust me, it’s gonna be awesome!

I feel like things are beginning to work again.