So you want to start a horror magazine…

Ugh.  This irks me more and more every goddamn time I see it.  Every few months or so, somebody decides they’re going to start a magazine featuring horror fiction.  Once in a great while, somebody gets it right.  They offer professional rates, professional production values, and professional editorial services.

The other ninety percent, however…

So this guy Ken doesn’t feel like paying his writers a decent rate.  Instead, he’ll toss down $1000 for an artist to provide a cover and what will probably be spot illustrations.

But he wants to be treated as a professional.


Here’s a hint, ladies and gentlemen who want to create a genre market: if you cannot afford to provide pro rates, production values, and editorial across the board, then you are not ready to open a market. Come back when you are ready.  Maybe then you won’t annoy me so goddamn much.