That was cool, but why do I feel so bitter?

Looks like eight years of Republican rule/fuckery is over.  Out country finally has a president who is not a rich white male.  That’s great news.  I doubted we’d ever see such progress in my lifetime.  Of course, that’s because I have no faith in people, who are really the worst form of life on this planet, even worse than dogs or teens.

I remain cautiously optimistic that change is on the way.  Obama has a Democratic Congressional majority, and it’s entirely possible that the Congressional Democrats will finally grow a pair and attempt to accomplish something.

On the other hand…

It looks like California, Florida, and Arizona have banned gay marriage. Arkansas has banned gays from adopting.  There’s a long way to go, because it appears we’re still a nation that only “says” all men are created equal.  It sickens me more than a little, just like it sickened me when my vote didn’t stop a similar ban from passing in Texas last election.

So there’s that.  I’m going to go back to being optimistic now.