Important JUST LIKE HELL Update

Late last week, Paul at Thunderstorm Books made an announcement concerning Just Like Hell

Only FIVE copies of Just Like Hell remain!

If you have any desire to pick up a copy of my debut novella, better grab it fast.  No telling how many of those five have sold since Friday.

To those who have already picked up a copy, thank you.  Your support means the world to me.

2 thoughts on “Important JUST LIKE HELL Update

  1. Just Like Hell is now sold out from the publisher. Horror-mall picked up the last couple of copies. Looks like Camelot still has some in stock as well. I haven’t checked with JeffNJoys in the UK, they may have a couple of copies.

    One important note, all the booksellers are down to single digit copies…so it is quite possible that this book will only be availabe on the secondary market within the next month or so.

    Thank you to all who purchased this title and made it a sell out. It was a goal both Nate and I had for the year.


  2. Wicked news, Nate! It was a fantastic read – looking forward to the next one. Oh and if you do any more comics – CALL ME!!!

    Talk to you later!


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