Bits and Pieces, Odds and Ends

The year is winding down, most New York publishers are working under “No Buy” orders, and I don’t have much in the way of news, so today I’ll be playing general catch up.


Have you looked at The Bookstore lately?  Sure. it might be tough to find a copy of Just Like Hell these days, but there are plenty of copies of Drive, A Trip to Rundberg, Brian Keene’s FEAR, Bits of the Dead, Tales of the Mountain State 2 and The Dead Walk Again available.  Really, you could do worse for your Christmas shopping.


Did you know I’m on twitter now?  Just check out and you too can watch me whine about how miserable I am at all hours.  I’m also on facebook and myspace, for those who feel like running a quick search.


It occurs to me that subtitle might be more creepy than clever.  Oh, well.

The last week or so was spent knocking out a trio of new short stories.  Two of them should have homes ready and waiting, and I know where the last is going first went it starts making the submission rounds.  Maybe it’s early, but all three feel like a strong step forward in my writing.

This week, I’ll start the second draft of a crime novel that needs to be fleshed out a bit.  There’s a good skeleton there, but it needs a little muscle.

And that’s about all the news I can think of.  Hopefully, I’ll come back later in the week with something fun.

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