Change we can… wait, what?

I didn’t vote in this last election.  Personally, I don’t vote outside of local issues.  I do this because all politicians are sub-human scum and are undeserving of any support I could possibly give them.  I also don’t enjoy lying to myself and trying to convince myself that any politician cares about me and my hourly wage lifestyle.

But I had a brief, brief moment when I wanted to vote for Obama, a shiny instant when I wanted to believe he was an agent of change and not another politician reaching for the presidency in that empty, greedy, “Gimme it, it’s mine!” sort of way.

Boy, I sure am glad I got over that!

See, today Obama chose evangelical pastor Rick Warren, a noted opponent of gay and abortion rights (who once compared all abortions, no matter the circumstances, to the holocaust) to deliver the invocation at the inauguration.  All that change everybody was so sure they’d get appears to be the smoke and mirrors a very good magician.  The shiny knight of the future has chosen to toe the anti-gay and anti-woman line.  He’s been elected, so now he doesn’t care about a damn thing past getting re-elected.

Sure, I didn’t vote, so many will say I have no right to bitch.  Why?  Because I wasn’t fooled? 

Look, I still hope Obama can do some good.  I’m not holding out hope, though.  I ran out of hope the first time I took a government class.

Enjoy your weekend.

One thought on “Change we can… wait, what?

  1. They say us non-voters fail to influence the elections, but rarely do they consider that we are among the most informed about the candidates and CHOOSE to not vote.

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