Appearance in Shroud Magazine

The new Shroud Magazine is available. 

If you click over there, you might notice my name on the cover, just to the left of the femme fatale who appears to think my name smells bad.  That’s because editor, writer, and all around groovy guy Michael Knost featured me as the first subject of his new Progknostications column, where he highlights various up and coming writers.  My short story “Inside the Box” also appears.  That makes this my first appearance on a cover and as the subject of an article.

Not a bad Christmas present, really?

2 thoughts on “Appearance in Shroud Magazine

  1. Has this issue been released? It shows out of stock.

    I have to get it, but I would like to do it without resorting to bribery or extortion.

  2. Not really sure. Should be a fresh issue. Maybe part of their print run was delayed or something.

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