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News and other recent stuff

Ronald Kelly announced this week that I’ll be appearing in his upcoming Southern horror anthology Somewhere South of Hell.  It’s a great honor to be a part of this one.  There are some incredible authors in that table of contents.  I’d … Continue reading

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Just Like Hell makes preliminary Stoker ballot

The Bram Stoker Awards are sponsored and run by the Horror Writers’ Association.  They honor superior achievement in dark fiction.  I remember first seeing the award mentioned on the back of a Kathe Koja paperback way back in the early … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Dash of Hope

I’m not somebody who prays or has any spiritual beliefs.  I don’t have a lot of faith in mankind, and I’m close to the most pessimistic person I’ve ever met.  My days are usually spent waiting for something to go … Continue reading

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Learning to multitask

I don’t like to work on more than one project at the one time.  I feel I do my best work when I can sit down and crank out pages on a single piece of work until it’s finished.  I can get lost … Continue reading

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Organization and Shifting Focus (thinking out loud)

So I’m working on another rewrite these days.  I work a solid two hours on it every night, a little more if I can manage.  I tend to give up on things like word count when dealing with a rewrite.  … Continue reading

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2008 Recap and 2009 Goals

Some might say this is at least five days late.  Maybe, but I figured more people would be at work looking for a distraction today.  No, it might not be the best reason for putting off something like this, but … Continue reading

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RIP Donald Westlake

Reports have come in that writer Donald Westlake died of an apparent heart attack while vacationing in Mexico.  Westlake was one of the best crime writers of the last fifty years, a master of crackling prose and burning dialogue who … Continue reading

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