2008 Recap and 2009 Goals

Some might say this is at least five days late.  Maybe, but I figured more people would be at work looking for a distraction today.  No, it might not be the best reason for putting off something like this, but “I was watching TV” isn’t any better.


Despite most of the year resembling a trainwreck in slow motion, 2008 turned out to be a great year for writing.  I’m really not sure how that happens, but I’m grateful for it.

For short stories, I had my most prolific year to date.  Starting with the appearance of “Captain Jinkies” in Dark Recesses Press back in April, the hits kept on coming with “It’s Even Better the Second Time” at Horror D’oeuvres, “Another Lonesome Day” in Bits of the Dead, “For Just One Night” in Legends of the Mountain State 2, “Scenic Pastures” in A New Dawn, and “Inside the Box” in the latest issue of Shroud Magazine (not sure this is actually out yet, but it’s on their website, so I’m counting it).

The big news, of course, Was my novella Just Like Hell being released by Thunderstorm Books at the end of July.  I’m very proud of that beautiful little book, and my pride only swells when I think about the fact that it sold out in under six months.  A million thanks to everybody who made it possible.  I owe you one.  Of course, please don’t stop supporting me.  It only gets better from here!

As for work you haven’t seen yet, I had a ridiculously productive year.  I wrote the first drafts of three novels, finished two of them, and finished a third that was started in 2007.  Barring any scheduling snafus, the one from 2007 should see print in late 2009.

I also did something that can probably be considered insane.  Due to a friend’s suggestion, I wrote an 80k word novel in under a month.  First draft, second, and poilsh all in just over three weeks.  Without the help of Shawna and the incredible Lee Thomas, I never could have pulled it off.  It was a lot of fun, but I don’t think it’s the kind of fun I ever want to have again.


So what are my goals for 2009?  As with every year, they’ll change over the next twelve months.  Right now, my goal is to take care of the novels I’ve written.  They need homes, and I want to help them find those homes.  I owe short stories to two anthologies, and I’m working on those right now.  I’ll write at least the first draft of one new book, but I’m still trying to figure out which idea to flesh out.

I want to sell another novel by the time the first comes out.  Maybe that’s possible, and maybe not.  We’ll see.

My ultimate goal for the year, however, is simply to improve.  That’s something I want to do with every word I write, and I hope by this time next year I’ll be a much better writer than I am now.

So there you go: 2008 and 2009 in a nutshell.  Take care, everybody.  Writers, feel free to share your own goals in the comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “2008 Recap and 2009 Goals

  1. I’m not a writer, rather an illustrator, so I don’t know if my 2 cents are worth anything here, but I’ll chime in anyway! 😉

    First off, you so totally sound like you have your shit together and in that I envy you. I’ve been trying hard to stay focused, but with being in school the last two years, it’s been difficult, to say the least.

    I’d like to think that this year could see me getting some higher profile, if not mainstream work, but I don’t really have any reason to believe that will ACTUALLY happen. I have the odd contact, here and there, but either I haven’t properly exploited those resources or I’m not barking up the right tree. Or possibly, I’m not talented enough to work at the level I think I should, but let’s not discuss that, shall we? That way lies madness…

    As to goals, sure, I’d like to see a mass-market release of my third OGN, the completion of that 6 issue mini I’ve been cranking on for over a year (not yet half done – argh!), the other two minis/OGNs (not decided on format yet) get picked up and by year’s end get a start on that OTHER project that I am planning on both writing AND drawing (seems crazy doesn’t it?). It could be a very productive year for me. Most of the madness of going back to school, buying a house and getting married is behind me now but we’ll see how re-joining the workforce affects me – either positively or negatively.

    Alright, that was me for 2009 – who’s next?

  2. Okay, I’m keeping my goals very simple and hopefully easier to achieve. My goal for 2009 is to make my first story sale. That’s it. If I sell one short Story this year, I will be a very happy man!

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