Organization and Shifting Focus (thinking out loud)

So I’m working on another rewrite these days.  I work a solid two hours on it every night, a little more if I can manage.  I tend to give up on things like word count when dealing with a rewrite.  The process is too intricate, requires too much concentration.

The two-hour block is part of my 2009 plan for organization.  I’m trying to keep regular office hours.  That way I can help Shawna around the house when I get home, eat dinner, and then disappear without fear of a knock on the office door followed by the words, “Did you take care of the litter boxes yet?”  Stuff like scooping cat poop tends to break the creative flow.

Of course, on weekends I plan to spend a lot more time at the computer (if Shawna allows it).  I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, back to this novel.  I took my first crack at writing something novel-length back in 2005.  Since then, I’ve written five of the bastards.  One has (tentatively) sold.  The others are being looked at by various publishers.  Every last one of them is a horror novel, no doubt about it.

This latest one, though… there’s something different going on.  Maybe it’s a straight up thriller.  Maybe it’s horror hiding behind something else.  Maybe it’s a modern day noir.  It’s all boiling to the surface and showing itself to me as I comb through the manusrcipt, and I gotta say it’s damned exciting.  I can’t wait for this sucker to take its final shape.

Looking ahead, a few of the ideas I have bouncing around in my noggin are similar.  Some are a little more out there.  Some play with storytelling conventions in ways I think are pretty fun.  We’ll see what happens next.  As long as it’s fun, it’ll be worth it.

This has been me thinking out loud.  Enjoy your Wednesday.