Book Announcement: BROKEN SKIN and the “Personal Injury” contest

Well, Friday’s here, and that means it’s time to announce the new book.  Ladies and gentlemen, my first short story collection…

15 short stories, nine of them new. It includes the novella DEEPER WATERS, which takes place in the same universe as my New Dawn story “Scenic Pastures” and introduces white trash magician Charlie Crawdad.  It’s my first affordable hardcover, and it’s available on a pre-order only basis between now and May 1st.

Intro by Brian Keene.  Cover by Zach McCain.


Working the Bag (new)
A Little Bit of Everything (new)   
Why I Do It (new)   
Insomnia Is My Only Friend   
Guilt (new)         
Captain Jinkies         
In the Clearing Beneath the Firs (new)
Scenic Pastures
His Start (new)
Silent Corners
Of Cabbages and Kings         
Hotbox Blues (new)            
Yellow Triangles (new)         
Deeper Waters (new)   

The BROKEN SKIN “Personal Injury” Contest

Once per week during the pre-ordering period, Thunderstorm Books will draw a name from those who have pre-ordered copies.  That winner gets a short story written by me and starring them bound with their copy of BROKEN SKIN.  Ordering early gets you more chances to win!  Order now, so I can kill you in disgusting ways!

2 thoughts on “Book Announcement: BROKEN SKIN and the “Personal Injury” contest

  1. This is going to be the longest wait of my life. The Personal Injury contest is an awesome idea. I hope the book sells out, however if no one orders the first week I could be the winner by default.

  2. I ordered, so there’s at least two of us. Very tempting to order more coppies! I wish I could see the preorder numbers, just to know what my chances are. Christ I can’t wait to get this. Wish they would announce mega-awesomes like this just a week or two ahead of time.

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