A Stew of Thoughts

Lots of stuff going on in my head today.  Thoughts bubble and brew and churn, and I just get to sit here hoping to snatch one or two of them and make them stand still.

Broken Skin is selling very well so far.  After three days, the book has already surpassed my sales expectations.  This makes me ecstatic.  You still have until May 1st to reserve a copy at Thunderstorm Books or Horror Mall, but why would you want to wait?

This weekend I get to fly out to San Diego for my best friend’s wedding.  I’ve known the guy since the fifth grade, and I’m ridiculously happy for him.  Weddings are funny.  They make me want to get married, but a few days later I remember that I’m pretty anti-marriage and Shawna is ridiculously anti-marriage.

Trying with every fiber of my being to be patient.  I write compuslively, but I need to spend more time honing stories to their finest edge.  Emotion is great, but it’s useless without craft.

Looks like I sold another novelette.  Too soon to say anything concrete, but it looks like it may be available about the same time Broken Skin gets mailed out.

Very nostalgic lately.  Doesn’t matter if it’s drinking Hot Damn at Bill Vorbroker’s campsite or walking Short Vine in Cincinnati while waiting for the Hum show at Sudsy Malone’s.  I want a number three combo from Gold Star Chili and to sit on the banks of the Ohio River with the sun on my face.  I want to walk through the woods and sing songs at the top of my lungs.

I need to sit down and get some writing done.  Ideas are eating up my brain like a fire eats dry leaves.