Horror World and the Weekend

I’ll be the featured writer at Horror World in April.  My short story “Senorita” will be live there on the first.  “Senorita” is a very recent story of mine, and it’s one of my favorites.  I like to think it’s indicative of which direction my writing is heading.  There’s some noir in there stirred up with a whole lot of horror.

Sometime within the next 48 hours or so, Thunderstorm Books will announce the first winner of the Personal Injury contest.  I know who it is, of course, but I’m not telling you.  I will say I plan to work on the story while I’m in San Diego this weekend.

There will be five more drawings for the Personal Injury contest.  If you want your chance to star in a short story, head over to Thunderstorm or Horror Mall and grab a copy of Broken Skin today!

Have a good weekend, folks!

One thought on “Horror World and the Weekend

  1. I am very excited for Jan! He is great online friend. I can’t wait to see who else gets announced! Hopefully, a lot of other virtual buddies!

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