And… sigh!

So Saturday I finished the latest draft of a new novel.  This was a tough one, which makes for an experience that’s both fun and draining.  It’s now out to a few pre-readers.  Had to go with my regular crew minus one this time, as the minus one has enough going on in her life right now with reading my stuff.

Received the first round of edits for an upcoming novella.  Nothing major needed to be done, and for that I’m thankful.

You’ve got just under three weeks left to grab a copy of Broken Skin.  Joseph Gellis (not Hellis as my clumsy fingers would have you believe) won the fourth Personal Injury prize, and will now star in a short story. Get in there and try to win you something!

This week, I’ll be working on an essay about one of my favorite movies.  Here’s hoping I don’t much it up too much!