Your open door to the weekend

A strange round of sleep last night.  When I wasn’t dreaming about finding the world’s smallest strip club (ever received a lap dance in a closet?), I dreamed about my girlfriend having sex with Green Day.  Please don’t send me interpretations of these dreams.  I know I like strippers and that Green Day is trying to go to town on my girlfriend.

Yes, that last bit was a joke.

We have another Personal Injury winner.  Mark Beauchamp gets to be Mr. Blue.  I’m working on his story now, and I hope to have it finished this weekend.  The final Personal Injury winner will be drawn on May 2nd, one day after pre-orders for Broken Skin are closed.

In other news, the week has been spent looking at proposals from hotels.  The World Horror work is getting fun.  Hopefully, it’ll all turn into a great convention.

Have a good weekend, folks.  I’ll be busy getting an oil change and trying to win a Harley at Central Texas Harley’s customer appreciation night.  Wish me luck!