So what have I been working on?

So last week I talked a bit about the work I have coming out in the near future.  It occurred to me that maybe it would be fun to give you a glimpse of what I’m working on now.

For the most part, I’ve been working on a rewrite/polish of my first novel.  It’s a manuscript I finished three years ago, and it needs some TLC.  I still firmly believe in the story, but my craft has come a long way since then.  Here’s hoping it will sell like hotcakes once I’m done!

Another major project has been my first search for an agent.  Not much to report on this front.  I’m starting slow, as this is very new for me.  A few queries out, some requests to see the book I’m pitching.  Cross your fingers.

Slowly, carefully, I’m starting on a new novella.  One of the few perks of being a “new” writer is my lack of hard deadlines.  I can dabble here and there and see how it all comes out.  I’m not far into this one, still exploring, but so far it feels good.

The last big project I’ve been working on is the bid Lee Thomas and I have submitted to bring the World Horror Con to Austin in 2011. We’ve got a great hotel picked out and somebody we trust to work on programming.  One of our Guests of Honor has already said yes.  If we win the bid, we’re planning to make WHC a blast.

So that’s all the news.  Enjoy.

Something like news

I don’t like going more than a week without updating the blog.  It feels inattentive to me if I go longer than a few days.  Sadly, I don’t always anything noteworthy to say, and my abilities to spout nonsense have decreased since I stopped drinking.

That said, here’s a few bits and pieces that are relatively news-ish:

Broken Skin is now at the designer and should be in your hands by late-July/early-August. A few booksellers, like Horror Mall, may have extra copies for sale.  I’ll try to keep you updated on available sellers.

A new novelette, He Stepped Thru, should be available from Bloodletting Books sometime this summer.  I’m told it’s on the fast track.

Sig sheets for Darkness On the Edge, the Bruce Springsteen anthology I’m appearing in, should be sent out soon.   The book is currently available for pre-order from PS Publishing.

More stuff in the works, but I’m reluctant to divulge.  Maybe soon.

The War of Ideas

First off, don’t worry.  This isn’t a political screed or any such nonsense.  As I’ve said before and will no doubt say again, I don’t really have the time for that.

No, this here entry is about another War of Ideas.  It’s about the battle that happens in a writer’s head once they’ve written The End at the bottom of one page and now have a brand spankin’ new blank page to fill with words.  Whenever I reach that point, a battle breaks out in my head as all the ideas for the next story race to the front and try to get to my fingers and from there to the keyboard.  Sometimes it’s a small skirmish, and other times it’s like The Big One going on in my cranium.

Maybe it doesn’t happen to every writer.  Maybe I’m the one with the messed up skull squishins full of fighting ideas.  I like to think I’m not alone, though.

So who wins the battle?  How do you choose what the next story will be?  And what happens to the other idas?

Well, I like to think the really great ideas refuse to do anything but win.  I could be wrong.  I really want to believe, however, that the strongest glimmers of story stand up and make themselves known.  They refuse to wait.  The other ideas?  If they’re any good, they’ll stick around.  I’ve had one idea for a book that’s been stuck in my skull for five years.  it won’t go away.  I just need it to come together a little more and jump to the front of my brain.

Until then, the war continues.

Camping and other updates

Went camping with Shawna and the dogs this weekend.  Aside from my stupid idea to just bring flip-flops and the subsequent death of said flip-flops, it was a great time.  Good to get out of the house for a day or two.  Somehow, this was our first time camping in four years or so.  Don’t know how that happens, but it sure as hell shouldn’t happen again.

The pre-ordering period for Broken Skin has now come and gone.  Sales far surpassed my expectations, so thank you to everybody who ordered a copy.  Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy the book when it shows up in July or so.

I have a novella from Bloodletting titled He Stepped Thru, which should be ready this summer.  It’s going through edits right now.  With any luck, there will be news on that one real soon.

My first novel, Lights Out, should see print by the end of the year.  It’s probably too early to say anything more definate than that.  When I learn more, you’ll learn more.  Sound like a good deal?

I also have two collabs coming out, one this year and one next.  Nothing on those until I see something more concrete.

In the meantime, we’re just over two weeks until So You Think You Can Dance returns.  Hear that?  That was the sound of all my credibility zipping away!