Camping and other updates

Went camping with Shawna and the dogs this weekend.  Aside from my stupid idea to just bring flip-flops and the subsequent death of said flip-flops, it was a great time.  Good to get out of the house for a day or two.  Somehow, this was our first time camping in four years or so.  Don’t know how that happens, but it sure as hell shouldn’t happen again.

The pre-ordering period for Broken Skin has now come and gone.  Sales far surpassed my expectations, so thank you to everybody who ordered a copy.  Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy the book when it shows up in July or so.

I have a novella from Bloodletting titled He Stepped Thru, which should be ready this summer.  It’s going through edits right now.  With any luck, there will be news on that one real soon.

My first novel, Lights Out, should see print by the end of the year.  It’s probably too early to say anything more definate than that.  When I learn more, you’ll learn more.  Sound like a good deal?

I also have two collabs coming out, one this year and one next.  Nothing on those until I see something more concrete.

In the meantime, we’re just over two weeks until So You Think You Can Dance returns.  Hear that?  That was the sound of all my credibility zipping away!