So what have I been working on?

So last week I talked a bit about the work I have coming out in the near future.  It occurred to me that maybe it would be fun to give you a glimpse of what I’m working on now.

For the most part, I’ve been working on a rewrite/polish of my first novel.  It’s a manuscript I finished three years ago, and it needs some TLC.  I still firmly believe in the story, but my craft has come a long way since then.  Here’s hoping it will sell like hotcakes once I’m done!

Another major project has been my first search for an agent.  Not much to report on this front.  I’m starting slow, as this is very new for me.  A few queries out, some requests to see the book I’m pitching.  Cross your fingers.

Slowly, carefully, I’m starting on a new novella.  One of the few perks of being a “new” writer is my lack of hard deadlines.  I can dabble here and there and see how it all comes out.  I’m not far into this one, still exploring, but so far it feels good.

The last big project I’ve been working on is the bid Lee Thomas and I have submitted to bring the World Horror Con to Austin in 2011. We’ve got a great hotel picked out and somebody we trust to work on programming.  One of our Guests of Honor has already said yes.  If we win the bid, we’re planning to make WHC a blast.

So that’s all the news.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “So what have I been working on?

  1. Can’t imagine you’ll have too hard a time finding an agent, what with the Stoker nomination and all.

  2. Oh, I must have seen the prelim ballot. I see now. That’s bullshit, by the way. I haven’t read all four of the nominees, but Just Like Hell clearly belongs. Betcha five bucks you get at least a nom next year.

  3. No big. It was cool to make it as far as I did. Besides, if I’d reached the final ballot Adam-Troy Castro would have just spanked me anyway. 🙂 SHALLOW END OF THE POOL was just incredible!

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