Summer Watchin’

You may be interested in knowing right off the bat that this is not an entry about stalking Summer Glau.  Sorry if I’ve disappointed you.

No, I’m talking about summer TV, that blessed thing that keeps me frmo going outside and burning my bald scalp.

Now, this year’s summer watchin’ is augmented by the extended RESCUE ME season.  After a lackluster season four (saved by the wonderful final scene), Leary and company are back and firing on all cylinders with stories that are some of the best the series has produced. I’m not sure how much of the season is left, but I hope it lasts a while longer.

Bravo will be delivering the one-two punch of TOP CHEF MASTERS and PROJECT RUNWAY.  I don’t much care for reality TV, but these competitions full of contestants that are truly talented individuals really get me going.  I do have some concern that TOP CHEF MASTERS will devalue the regular TOP CHEF, but I’ll still tune in to see if celeb chefs are just as crazy as their everyday counterparts.

Of course, both of those reality competitions are just pretenders to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE throne.  This is my third year watching this show I’ve just fallen in love with.  There’s something about watching incredibly talented dancers chace their dreams (without having to haul around retired sports stars or soap opera actors) that fills me with wonder.  During last night’s final tryout round in Las Vegas, pint-sized Tokyo popper Nobuya collapsed into tears, thanking his teachers, when he made it through a round of ballroom.  It was just amazing, and I completely fell in love with the guy then and there. 

Yeah, I probably lose horror writer cred for watching that show.  In my defense, I’ll just say I don’t need to defend myself.

So, what’s everybody else watching during the summer months?

4 thoughts on “Summer Watchin’

  1. Unfortunately Hell’s Kitchen is over. Chuck and Heroes is off for the summer. I’m be waiting for America’s Got Talent on June 23. I watch reality TV, but all of it appears to me that it should be renamed scripted TV.

  2. I don’t have cable or anything, I mostly just watch horror movies, but I do have some shows on dvd. Right now, it’s Metalocalypse and Carnivale.

  3. I really miss Carnivale. And it shames me that I’ve never seen Metalocalypse.

  4. Le gasp! You SHOULD be ashamed! Now, I’d like to help you with this problem of yours, but I don’t have your home address, so I guess I’m gonna have to a hire fat man in a crop duster to rain hundreds of thousands of Metalocalypse dvds down on Austin.

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