Site updates and more

I’ve updated the bookstore with links to purchase Drive, Rundberg, and Fear from Overlook Connection.  If you haven’t checked out the bookstore yet, you should.  If I’ve appeared in an anthology, there’s a link to it on that page.  I have no idea if there are any Nate Southard “completists” out there, but if any of you have money to burn, there are worse ways to burn it.

At the top of the bookstore, you’ll find a link to pre-order the Darkness on the Edge anthology.  This is a collection of Bruce Springsteen-inspired stories, and it contains my short “Armageddon: Now Available in High Definintion.”  Better than that, it features stories from Jim Moore, Tom Piccirilli, Lee Thomas, Sarah Langan, and a slew of others.  Lee and I signed signature sheets for this last week, so you should see it sometime this Fall.

I’m told the issue of Cemetery Dance that features my short story “The Message” is due to hit stands somewhere between late-July and early-September.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we see this one soon.  I’m very proud of the flash piece I wrote for this one.

Sorry about the lack of non-WHC updates lately.  Since winning the bid, it’s been a mad dash to get the first round of thngs set up.  We’re hoping to be done with that in the next week or two, and then we can settle into cruise control for awhile.