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Snatching at ideas

I don’t know how every writer out there writes, and I certainly won’t pretend to know.  If nothing else, I like to be honest about how little I know.  It keeps me humble and makes me look slightly amusing, two … Continue reading

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Eat me! It’s Thanksgiving Day!

So Thanksgiving is two days away.  Maybe you need a side dish, and maybe I need a blog topic?  Maybe there’s some way we can help each other out? You bet your sweet ass, there is! See, I’m a meat … Continue reading

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He Stepped Through trailer

Bloodletting Press was kind enough to commission a book trailer for He Stepped Through. Go check it out! Then go buy book!

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Introducing The Late Late Show

One day when I was a kid, my oldest brother Tim showed up at the house with a motorcycle.  I didn’t get a good look at it–it was a Yamaha something or other–because my mom made him park it a … Continue reading

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This Sunday: Dunlap Speaks

This Sunday, my good friend (and one hell of a writer) Kelli Dunlap will be the featured guest on The Funky Werepig.  I’m sure she’ll talk about plenty of projects both recent and upcoming, including her novel In the Shadow … Continue reading

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The Grieving Process

In the past year, I’ve lost both of my parents. Summer of 2008, a day after I received my Just Like Hell comp copies, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The doctors started him on chemo, and five weeks … Continue reading

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Brian Keene Must Die!

A while back, a bunch of writers got together to kill Jack Haringa.  Well, not really, but they wrote stories in which they brutalized our favorite Grammar Hammer.  Now, it’s Brian Keene’s turn.  It’s for a really good cause: to … Continue reading

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