Introducing The Late Late Show

One day when I was a kid, my oldest brother Tim showed up at the house with a motorcycle.  I didn’t get a good look at it–it was a Yamaha something or other–because my mom made him park it a few blocks down the street so my impressionable young mind wouldn’t decide I wanted a motorcycle.

Sadly, I’d already seen too much.

Years later, I still felt an urge to ride.  Southeast Indiana is a haven for poker runs and such, so there were always motorcycles rumbling through town, and I loved ’em all.  Over the years, I went through various bike phases.  Racing bikes, ATVs, little dirt bikes, I wanted one of each.  Sadly, that wasn’t going to happen so long as I lived in my mother’s house.  By the time I got out of the house, I was broke as a damn joke, so my motorcycle dreams remained just that, dreams.

When my father died, I decided it was time to remedy my situation.  See, my dad had later bought Tim’s Yamaha, and though I never found out when he got rid of it or where it ended up, he helped push my love for bikes.  He also gave me a love of the ’49 Mercury, but I don’t see me getting one of those for a long time.  A bike, however, I could manage.

So I spent a lot of time getting my debt under control, erasing almost all of it.  I also did a lot of research.  Harley Davidson had just released the Iron, an 883 sportster that looked like a good blank canvas to create a bike that would be mine.  It helped that I’ve had a long-standing love of sportsters.  With enough time and experience, I could change the Iron into something made just for me.

So I went and picked one up.  I received the bike about three weeks ago, and I’ve already added a few mods, notably forward controls and a set of 14″ gimp hangers from Nash Motorcycle Company.  Finally, I gave the bike a name.  Mixing together my favorite activity when staying with my dad–staying up late and watching TV–with my late start in the motorcycle world, I give you The Late Late Show.

3 thoughts on “Introducing The Late Late Show

  1. Looks sharp, bro. The ape hangers look great.

    I was looking at the Iron 883 online again the other day. I think the forward controls would have been my first mod, too.

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