A Good Weekend

Every now and again, you just need a good, relaxing weekend.  That’s what I had this weekend.  Originally, I’d planned to wrap presents and do laundry, but those got pushed aside in favor of naps and Christmas shows, as well as a short ride on The Late Late Show.

Despite my strict napping and TV-watching schedule, I found time to get out of the house.  Saturday night, I had a great dinner with fellow authors Joe McKinney, Lee Thomas, and Wrath James White.  Our familes got together at Wrath’s place, where we proceeded to decimate a turkey and plenty of other items.  I was careful to not bring out the pumpkin roll I’d made until Shawna and I were close to leaving.  Sometimes, it pays to be devious.

Sunday night, we went to my friends Doug and Becky’s house for dinner.  After eating what can only be called an insane amount of damn-tasty fish, Doug and his friend Phil interviewed myself and Austin screenwriter Clint (wow, his last name has escaped me) for their podcast.  That should be up later this week, and it will include a little contest.  Fear not, I’ll get info up as soon as I have it.