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I thought it would be a good idea to run through my upcoming projects and let you guys know a bit more about them and any updates on when they might be available.


He Stepped Through
(Signed, limited edition chapbook from Bloodletting Books)

This may be be my favorite work in the past year or more.  I combined my love of The Shield with my love of the Cthulhu Mythos, and it created this really gritty, dark thing.  This story of a crooked cop investigating a string of murders that aren’t so much ritualistic as completely psychotic took my writing to a new level.

This one should be out in the next few months.  Originally scheduled for January/February, it’s been pushed back a little.  I’m hoping to see it in February, but I can’t tell for sure.

Copies still available.

Signed paperback
Signed hardback

Bad Magick
(Novel co-written with Steven Shrewsbury, published by Morningstar Press)

Technically unannounced, but Shrews has mentioned it numerous times, so what the hell?  This one is about Aleister Crowley and Rasputin in the Old West.  No idea when this will be available or how many copies.  You’ll know as soon as I do. 

Unannounced Novella 

If you know where to look, there’s some info on this one.  This one was co-written with Lee Thomas.  Hopefully, it’ll see the light of day sometime this Spring.

Unannounced Novel

Coming late this year from the same publisher as the unannounced novella.


“Something’s Coming”
(Comics short to be published in an upcoming issue of Grave Tales)

Your guess is as good as mine.  I sold the script for this six-pager maybe four years ago.  I’m pretty sure it’s been drawn and lettered, but a new issue of Grave Tales hasn’t seen print in a few years, and nobody knows if another’s coming.  We’ll see.


Well, so far I have six short stories coming out this year (hopefully).  One or two of them might be up in the air, due to inactivity on the part of the publishers, but I guess we’ll see.  The stories are…

“Miss Kenner and Me”
Appearing at, January/February 2010.

“Armageddon: Now Available in High Definition”
Appearing in Darkness on the Edge, an anthology of Bruce Springsteen-inspired fiction coming soon from PS Publishing.

“The Taste of Memories”
Appearing in the promotional chapbook Dark Faith: Last Rites, published by Apex Books.

“In the Middle of Poplar Street”
Dead Set, published by 23 House.

“That’s All Right”
Appearing in Somewhere South of Hell anthology from Full Moon Press, mid-2010.

“I Found a Little Hole”
Appearing in Shivers VI from Cemetery Dance, early-2010.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Still looking forward to He Stepped Through, and now I’m also looking forward to Bad Magick. I love authors with work ethics.

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