Just Like Hell, the ebook

It is with great pleasure that I announce my signing with Lovecraft Press to produce an electronic edition of my novella Just Like Hell.  The novella, first published by Thunderstorm Books in 2008, was very well received, and I’ve been itching to get it into the hands of more readers.  Well, now Lovecraft Press founder Robert Willis is giving me the chance.

The electronic edition is scheduled for release in March and will be available for your ereader of choice.

Dillon has the world on a string. With a record-breaking football season and several scholarship offers in his pocket, he can write his own future.

But Dillon has a secret, something he’s never told the rest of his team. Even his best friends don’t know. They might not understand. They might overreact.

Now the secret is out. Maybe that’s why Dillon just woke up in the trunk of a car.

And maybe that’s why Dillon is about to go through something Just Like Hell.

“Nate Southard is one of the best new writers of his generation, and something new by him is always cause for celebration. I’m a big fan.”
— Brian Keene, author of Dark Hollow and Ghost Walk

“Just Like Hell is a vicious and disturbing work of prose in which the economy of language works like a finely honed blade, separating muscle from bone. Fans of Jack Ketchum, Thomas Tessier and Ed Lee have a new name to look for in Nate Southard. Southard’s work is brutal, horrific, beautiful and moving – just like life.”
— Lee Thomas, Lambda Literary Award and Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Stained, Parish Damned and The Dust of Wonderland

“Nate Southard writes with the no-nonsense intensity and the confident swagger of a bare-knuckle boxer.”
— Chris Golden, author of The Myth Hunters and Wildwood Road