Well, this is something new…

If there’s anything positive about being a new, not so in demand writer, it’s the time.  See, deadlines aren’t really a problem for me, because I don’t have any.  I decide what I want to work on, and then I generally work on that project until it’s done.  Shorts, novellas, novels: all of ’em are usually seen through from beginning to end in short order.

And yet, that appears to be ending.

Trust me, that’s a good thing.  If there’s anything I want to be, it’s in demand.  And no, “In demand” still ain’t how I’d describe myself, but there’s enough interest recently that I’ve been forced to juggle projects a bit.

Late last month, I started working on a new novel.  I figured it was a good time, as I didn’t have anything scheduled for release until Autumn.  But about a week into work, I got pulled aside to go over final edits for an upcoming novella I wrote with Lee Thomas.  No problem.  Lee and I knocked them out in a few hours, and I went back to work.

Then about two weeks ago, an editor asked me to submit a short story.  Reprints were the thing (a best of antho), but I had to go through the stories I have that fit the theme before sending something in.  A few days later, an editor I’ve long admired asked me to submit a short to another antho.  Great.  I dropped everything and got to work.  The next day, I got another request, this time for a 20,000 word novella.  Awesome!  What was that novel about again?  Don’t matter.  Daddy has requested materials to write!  Hee hee!
So here I am, juggling projects for the first time and having a ball.  Who could ask for anything more?

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