Isolation and Hell’s Ground

This past week, I had a chance two see two very different horror flicks.  Both were great, but for different reasons.  I take great pleasure in recommending them both.


First up is this Irish horror movie that saw a 2007 release.  This one took me completely by surprise, mostly because I saw the words “mutant cow” in the description and expected something ridiculous.  Instead, I got this wonderfully acted, tightly directed exercise in suspense.  The director makes great use of darkness, silence, and stillness as he brings about the horror experienced by a small group of fugitives and farmers quarantined on an out of the way farm, struggling for survival.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the big, dumb fun of Pakistani horror flick Hell’s Ground. Watching this movie, I get the idea that the writer had an old VHS copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre that broke before any of the good stuff happens.  What starts as five Pakistani teens getting stoned on the way to a rock concert turns into a wicked romp full of zombie, witches, and serial killers.  It’s a great example of throwing more and more stuff at the wall until it resembles a good time.

3 thoughts on “Isolation and Hell’s Ground

  1. I have to agree Nate, both great movies… I was lucky to catch Isolation at the Dead by Dawn film festival and have since picked this one up cheap on DVD.

    Hell’s Ground was fun too, sadly I only caught this one on DVD, it would have been a blast to watch it with a crowd.

    Greg – Isolation is more of a straight horror movie than Black Sheep, and a better film too in my opinion, I though Black Sheep was just OK.

  2. Hey, Martin. Sorry it took so long for your comment to appear. I didn’t dig into the “comments in moderation” section for a few days. Oops!

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