Just Like Hell for Kindle

It’s my great pleasure to announce my 2008 novella Just Like Hell is now available for Kindle via Amazon. The hardbound and paperback editions of this brutal story are long gone, but now there’s finally a chance for everybody else to read this sucker.

Dillon has the world on a string. With a record-breaking football season and several scholarship offers in his pocket, he can write his own future. But Dillon has a secret, something he’s never told the rest of his team. Even his best friends don’t know. They might not understand. They might overreact. Now the secret is out. Maybe that’s why Dillon just woke up in the trunk of a car. And maybe that’s why Dillon is about to go through something Just Like Hell.

“A powerful, gut-wrenching novella that grabs hold of you and sucks you in. Realistic and unflinching in its brutality, and all the more horrifying because it could actually happen.” -  Brian Keene, author of Urban Gothic and Castaways

Just Like Hell is a vicious and disturbing work of prose in which the economy of language works like a finely honed blade, separating muscle from bone. Fans of Jack Ketchum, Thomas Tessier and Ed Lee have a new name to look for in Nate Southard. Southard’s work is brutal, horrific, beautiful and moving – just like life.” — Lee Thomas, Lambda Literary Award and Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Stained, Parish Damned and The Dust of Wonderland

“Nate Southard writes with the no-nonsense intensity and the confident swagger of a bare-knuckle boxer.” — Chris Golden, author of The Myth Hunters and Wildwood Road

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  1. Update: there’s a Kindle app for the iPhone. A FREE Kindle app. JLH will be my first purchase. Yay!

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